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Red on your hands
Red in your heart
Red, screaming Red
Red sprouting Red.

And this confounding Red
Reeking of blood , gore, war
Reeking of  unbridled power
Reeking of unleashed atrocity
Also heals…
and flows in our veins
as love and life,
Alas this confounding Red

How long must we swing
from this to the other end
Between love and war
between thesis and antithesis
Never quite getting the synthesis…

Centuries flow
Isms grow, rot, change into
Blood red
Bruised Purple
Iced blue
Furious orange
and Red again
Swinging, forever, the pendulum…

In this game of life, strife, love
Red roses, crushed petals, crimson wine
Overflow, one into the other…
The Dialectics continue
Thesis to Antithesis
The Isms at War

But the Synthesis
The quintessential synthesis
To Humanism
To Peace
To Balance
Alas, remains an ephemeral dream
A mirage that keeps moving away
The love story that never settles…
And yet we Chase it,
Through the prism of isms,
Through Blood and Rose,
Through Human Timelessness.

Notes : My poem on Valentines Day for the love of Humanism

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