I think of nothing but the moon,

As if

The moon engulfs me

Or rather

Takes me in her embrace


No other thought remains,


Me and my moon

In a serendipitous synchronicity!

I do not think of you tonight

I do not miss you

Or crave your togetherness.

Slowly, you seem to have faded out,

Into oblivion

Both the pleasure and the pain of you,

A numb memory now.

I only remember 

You having told me,

That your camera could never capture the moon,

The way my phone did,

And in spite of all the colour corrections you added,

It never looked quite as raw as mine.


That is because, you never loved her the way I do…

In raw beauty,

In total honesty,

In serendipitous synchronicity.

Till all memories fade away

Into the gorgeous Moon.

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