BHU ( To Become)

Of earth

From earth

And into earth

We become…

Each one of us

Like Sita

Daughters ( and sons)

Of this Mother…

Terra ~ She who nurtures

Terra ~ She who moulds

Terra~ She who holds

And She who Becomes

What We make Her…

Shapes, Hues, Forms 

Of beauty

Baked in warmth

Incubated with love 

And just so

Before we ravage her

Plundering earth

Polluting and corrupting

With narrow short-sightedness 

May we remember that 

Bhumi, this Earth

This Home 

Will become 

What we make of Her.

Note : Inspired by the beautiful exhibition of Ceramic Art curated at Kolkata Centre for Creativity displaying absolutely gorgeous art pieces by leadingĀ  Ceramic Artists of India. Earth moulded into spectacular beauty! May we all be able to give back this love to Earth!

The pictures are of exhibits in the exhibition mentioned above.

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