Foolish Lover

Home is in the heart you know
And even if the earth around you burns
The stakes go up in smoke
Know this my love

Even as I burn
And turn to ashes
I will hold on to your green
To the freshness of the wet soil
To the dew drop on the lotus leaf

Fool, you say…
It’s no longer there…
It’s an imagination you carry inside of you
Carry that essence with you and move away
You deserve to live, you say

And I ,
Say nothing at all
I remain,
Stuck in the mud
Like a foolish lover…

Who knows that if the green is in my heart
Let it remain there…
And while the earth burns
And stakes go up in smoke

Let me, the foolish lover
Die right here
Or disappear into poetry
To live, and to plant the seeds
For a new tomorrow.

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