Time ticks on
Flowing into minutes , hours, days, years and centuries…
And change is the only thing real…

And yet,
Some fragrances linger from one century to another…
And some memories become tangible..

Like the million scratches on the jumping watch, which you must have worn almost 100 years ago..
I still remember sometime in the later years of the last century, how you would lay out the 50 odd watches on the table in the mornings and wind them…

And I wonder what you would say to the watches we wear today that measure not just time but the steps we take and the calls we make

So here I am.. holding your jumping watch, the one you wore to school and college,  the one you gifted me when I started wearing wrist watches to school,
The watch that bear the marks of use
The marks of you..
And maybe a couple of mine too…

And time ticks on..
As I hold my grandmother’s delicate wristwatch with the solid  blue minakari and border, thinking of her..
And I look at your pocket watch..
I never quite remember seeing you wear that
But then maybe that one holds memories for you

What would you say Dada ( Grandfather) to time flowing from yours to mine , through the two centuries that we embrace and through our Nation flowing from subjugation to freedom. and now clocking in 75 years of independence…

Does time really set us free?

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