12 Roses

Did we lay a rose in the desert then?
Did it wilt in the sun?
Did we pledge to keep the bloom,
Even if our love was doomed?

In another life, let me give you the Rose.
Red beautiful fragrant and fresh
Memories of a gossamer mesh
Echoes of the heart my love song had sowed…

Let the first Rose be for Remebrance then,
Pulled out like ether from a cobwebbed past
For both of Us, let us clean the dust…
The second rose must be for faith
That brings us together and makes us close
We ride the waves, the highs and lows…
The third one has to be for hope
The fourth for love
The fifth and sixth
Takes us through
Good spirits that roam
With me, with you..
The seventh and eight
Is for our thoughts,
That roam the world
We traipse through it…
The ninth rose
Do keep it close
Is for our hearts
That beats through time.
The tenth one
Cries out
And says your name
Its reverberation cant be tamed…
The eleventh rose
Is special too
It celebrates us
In rainbow hue…
The final rose
I give to you
To give to Her
To give to Love
She holds us both
Within her Wings
The wings of love
Through many lives

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