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Lockdown days are still fresh in our memory when life suddenly came to standstill,  literally overnight.
Most us found ourselves caught in an avalanche of work, be it managing our office work or domestic chores, or looking after our elderly and our children, and having to look after  ever our children’s school work. Most importantly our domestic help network was in a flash, completely cut off. And then there were the elderly who were left to fend for themselves,  literally, from shopping to cooking and much more.
And although Unlock is happening around us, there is no denying the fact that we suddenly find ourselves coping with more responsibilities than ever before.
In these trying times two dynamic individuals put their efforts together to come up with a unique venture that can go a long way in helping us cope with your chores. What is someone took the entire responsibility of shopping, chopping, cooking, cleaning and delivered a perfectly cooked ” ghar ka khana” everyday at your doorstep? What if you did not have to worry about your maid not being able to take the local train to come or when the gas cylinder goes empty?

Well Diet Fixx does just that.
It takes a bit of your responsibility away from your overburdened shoulders by ensuring that you get healthy nutritious homecooked meals, every day, at your doorstep.
Their menus are planned in consultation with a nutritionist and as such each meal is cooked with minimal oil and balanced nutrients. They have three super meal plans, Economy, Deluxe and Premium starting for as low as Rs 270 per person per day for both lunch and dinner.
And each meal includes a non vegetarian item as well , fish for lunch and chicken for dinner along with your daily dose of Dal and vegetables and salad.( or in case of a vegetarian meal plan it includes 2 vegetarian items ) This is true of the Economy Plan and for Deluxe and Premium there are treats like Roast Chicken or baked fish on certain dates.
Mouth watering isnt it?

What is also interesting is that DietFixx works through a team of Home Chefs, all over the city,  handpicked and mentored especially about the nutritional elements , cooking with low oil and low salt etc. So that the “ghar ka khana” is just that… it is literally cooked at home. And then delivered to your doorstep  in microwave friendly packages.

My wonderful lunch meal arrived neatly packed and duly sealed containing deliciously cooked chalta dal ( lentil cooked with elphant apple) , shapla ( waterlily stem cooked with coconut) and a light fish curry. Wholesome and tasty, just what you would safely feed your loved ones.

With Surojit Routh and Rakhee Ghosh of Ekdalia Rd’s  established expertise as brilliant restaurateurs and Ipshita Banerjee Bhandary’s passion for cooking and her thorough insight into understanding the need for marketing and communication ,  this dynamic partnership was bound to come up with something extraordinary.
And with Pujas round the corner, and this year, going out being more restricted than other years, here in a brand new delicious and healthy offerering to this food loving city of Kolkata.
Do take a look at their website for more on DietFixx 

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