The Perfect Biriyani~ Manzilat`s

The prolonged Lockdown had inevitably resulted in some serious food cravings and top of list was Biriyani.
Born and brought in Kolkata, one knows that Biriyani is a celebration.
And although there are many, many variants of this delightful one pot meal, a true blue Kolkatan will always put the Kolkata Awadhi Metiaburz Biriyani absolutely on the top.

And so this weekend it was time to give in to those Biriyani cravings.
Also most importantly Manzilat’s had started with its Lockdown menu.

For the Biriyani affiando, Kolkata offers some seriously famous choices, but for me the buck stops at Manzilat’s.!
There is something special about Manzilat Fatima….
Something very special…
Graceful dignity with dollops of warmth.
Just as special as her Biriyani!
The Perfect blend.
The Meat and Potato and Rice and spices blending into fragrant , aromatic delectable delight making its way through the taste buds straight to your heart.
How does she get it perfect every time?
The potato and meat just rightly tender, the rice light and oh so delicious.!

And it doesnt stop there.
We had to order the other goodies too..
The Haleem and Chicken Rezala were the the perfect accompaniments to our Biriyani Meal
The Sewai made up for the lipsmacking sweet ending.


Fact is, if its Awadhi Biriyani, and all that goes with it, can it more authentic than the recepie coming from the House of Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Oudh?
And each time you have Manzilat’s Biriyani , you get exactly that.. For She is part of the royal family of Oudh and each time she cooks for you, she is sharing a slice of her own personal family history, keeping it alive with love…

2 thoughts on “The Perfect Biriyani~ Manzilat`s

  1. Biriyani is always my favourite, and more too. If it is mutton biriyani. I prefer mutton than chicken. There are a number of types of biriyani of which the Kolkata Awash Metiabruz biriyani is more delicious. to me. Though biriyani adds a number of calories but still then once a week or even once in a fortnight one can have this delicious meal. Don’t get worried about the extra calories; a little workout can give you relief.

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